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New Products and Clients

As you know Lairds strives to find the latest and greatest products and services new to the fieldsports community. We search high and low for quality and where possible we look for products created inside our very own shores.

We are very fortunate to work with so many companies that produce quality products and services. Recently we announced via social media that we have taken on Woodcock and Snipe clothing as our new clients.

Created by David Ellwood, this new clothing brand produces 100% British made clothing. Specialising in shooting attire they have seated themselves in amongst a sea of already well known brands but they, like us have the confidence that people will recognise their quality.

On a recent field test, we put the clothing through its paces on a week long trip to the Hebrides for Deer Stalking, Grouse Shooting and Salmon fishing. Read more on this in the Isle of Lewis article.

While this is not a full report, I will add, I was particuarily impressed with their field-coat. A warm and windproof coat that kept me snug whilst out bothering salmon on the Isle of Lewis in Autumn.

If you are looking to treat yourself or a loved one to some new shooting clothing do have a look at the Woodcock and Snipe website.

Featuring in the image opposite is Woodcock and Snipe's new brand ambassador, the legendary John Spence. A well known sheep farmer and game shot from Lancashire. John loves his woodcock and snipe shooting suit noting that it is

"high quality and looks good on a shoot day"


The price could fool you into thinking there are some short cuts - I couldn't find any and I'm sure their reputation as a leading English tailor will only grow. Just a word on Woodcock and Snipe being British clothing.  Whilst other companies promote themselves in the same way I think it's worth mentioning that these clothes are made entirley in the UK from English made fabrics.  They aren't part made here and then shipped out and shipped back in.  The whole process is of UK manufacture and every care is taken to ensure the quality is kept very high.

Despite being a new company to the market, Woodcock and Snipe are already working on developing their clothing line, both in terms of their womens range and their lines ideally suited for professionals who work in the field on a daily basis...Watch this space!

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Nov 16, 2015 Category: General Posted by: mhadmin