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The 2016 Gamefair

Interesting times. Following the announcement of the CLA Gamefairs' decision to cease running the annual Gamefair (due to losses over the last two years) a number of people decided they would host a replacement one instead. As I have been going to the fair religiously for the last seven years - and run my own stand their for the last three I was interested to see what the options were going to be for 2016.

Possibly I'd need to attend two shows. 



UK Gamefair - Stoneleigh 

This one has been set up and run by Wes Stanton of Blaze Publications in Leamington Spa. The show is at Stoneleigh Park and to run on the weekend of the 22nd-24th July 2016 in the usual format of Friday, Saturday and close down Sunday night.

The philosophy is to return to a 'grass roots' show, dedicated to countrysports and lifestlye.

The management team from Blaze publishing have been very receptive to discussing new ideas and features. It was felt that the gate prices at the last CLA were much too high, and this lowered the attendance and left attendees with less money in their pockets to spend with the exhibitors. With prices for families around half or less (kids under 11 go free) it is certainly a big step in the right direction to revitalise the show.

The Gamefair - Ragely Hall 

This show is on 29th-31st July 2016 and run by the old management team of the previous CLA Gamefair. It is at Ragley Hall in Warwickshire and is going down a similar route of reducing the gate prices to boost attendance and spending power of the public they hope to attract to the show.

We are continuing our consulation with both our clients from previous shows, and companies who have approached us to feature with Lairds next year. We are currently assessing which show will best suit their interests.


Rumour Has It

With so many rumors circulating in the industry we have also heard that another BIG player is considering launching a gamefair? Could this all be just chinese whispers or is the industry expected to consider another option for the already saturated market. What have you heard?


Do you want to exhibit with Lairds in 2016?

If you would like to feature with Lairds on their stand next year please contact
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